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$100,000 in 30 Days with Capital Culture Awards

It happened, $100,000 in 30 Days and Millions Verified Legacy Award ⭐️

Fact: A few months after winning “Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019” my parents saved me from bankruptcy.. It was the most soul crushing experience of my life.

I had to let everything go, my ego, my identity, reset and start again..

Not long after that, I met some incredible entrepreneurs that guided me to scale my business from $0 to $100,000 per month using Facebook Ads, Advanced Funnel building and Automations…

Today I have qualified for @capital.culture.awards for what has been the most terrifying and remarkable journey of my life.

If I’ve learnt anything…. I’d say that skill acquisition is the fastest way to growth; love to learn, find a mentor, protect your energy 🙏

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